Testimonials from users of the CIS to EFI Kit

Living in South Florida it was important to keep the A/C in my 911 therefore ruling out Carbs. I found Tony's product and it was the answer I was looking for regarding tuning and pricing. This injection system has solved my cold start problem and rough idling issues. Now that we can tune the car with the Mega Squirt I can upgrade to a 3.2 manifold, some bigger cams and get some more HP out of her. But for the moment I'm thrilled with the end results and can't believe the difference between CIS and EFI. The torque is much stronger and the engine just seems healthier. The H.P. gain for my car was around 8, but the torque curve is off the chart!

Thanks again Tony for your system and to Kevin Wheeler of KMW Motorsports in Boca Raton, Florida for such a clean install and tune.
Christofer Johnson
1981 911SC EFI
Just got back from the first autocross with the EFI working..  Soooooo much better than the carbs I was running.  I am usually about 2 seconds off the TTOD, and today, less than a second.  :)   Nice.  Still need to get full throttle!   And dyno tuned.

Overall, very happy with the install.

thanks Tony!
Sunnyvale, CA
2.7L in a 914
I ran my EFI car at our autocross Sunday and what performance from the engine! I run 335/35/17's on the car and I get great grip. Those tires are very hard to spin because of their size. (12" width) I was able to light them up at the start line. And out of the corners I could spin them in second gear! What a difference! Now I've got to adjust my driving style. And, as an added benefit, I didn't need to top off the fuel tank to keep from running out of gas in the corners. The CIS was especially bad at fuel starvation when the fuel was low but it was not a problem with the EFI. I tried to get it on the chassis dyno last week but he's booked for the next 2 weeks so it'll be November before I get a chance to do a comparison run. So mark me up as a very happy customer. Soon I'll be buying and putting the system on my 80SC.

Thanks again for such a plug and play system, Tony.
Owensboro, KY
Finally got to the chassis dyno this afternoon.
What fun! Very addictive especially when you can tune and tune and tune......

Here's the long and short of it.
2.7 with CIS - 136hp at the wheels at 6200rpm
2.7 with EFI - 145hp at the wheels at 5800rpm before tuning
2.7 with EFI - 154hp at the wheels at 5800rpm after tuning

A gain of 9hp from CIS to EFI with no tuning, 7% gain
A gain of 9hp by tuning EFI, another 6%
All told a 13% gain in HP from CIS to EFI.

More HP, More Torque = more fun!!!
Owensboro, KY
I am loving my conversion. I have blown the doors off of a new vett, and out accelerated a Honda sport bike. I was not sure of the engine size do to triple digit speeds. The extra fuel delivery has really made a huge improvement with the overall horse power gain and torque. I don't even have to down shift, just press the peddle to the floor, and pay attention quick. Here are some photos of my 83 911: 3.2 andial pistons, web cams, crank fire twin plug electromotive system,heads flowed and ported, case studs, 11/1 compression, crank, rods, and pistons balanced, intake runners extrude honed, stainless steal air box, ported and polished intake throttle body, light weight close ratio gears, headers and sport muffler, through the body sway bars, camber truss, adjustable konis, and turbo torsion bars, and not with the bitz racing efi and wbo2 sensor. This is one of the most amazing 911's I have ever driven, and loads of fun.
Hawaii, USA
Modified 1983 911
The CIS Nightmare Is Over!!! The car starts, as it should!! I’m running EFI on my 1981 911 SC, and now I know what a 911 should feel like!!! This was a complete satisfaction no regrets kit from BITZ Racing!

If you want the best CIS to EFI conversion kit then this is the one to buy, the installation was a breeze, the tech support was unsurpassed, the installation guide was marvellous!!! I installed the kit during the weekend, I kept the original Porsche CIS look in the engine compartment, and it was a very easy install without any glitches. The throttle response is exhilarating, the power is very pronounced, no comparison to the CIS sluggish response. The engine actual starts without any issues, hot or cold, as it should! I’ve been driving it straight for a week and it runs great!!! I will not hesitate to recommend this kit to anyone, ABSOLUTLY NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE!!! Thanks Again Tony!
Mike G.
Mooresville, NC
1981 911 SC Running EFI
"EFI Heaven!!!!!!. Holy cow!!!!!! I just finished tuning in my Bitz EFI kit, I never knew 2.7s could have that much power! The acceleration is SO smooth. I cannot say enough about it, NO MORE CIS!!!!!! And no, I am NOT a paid actor"
I've been running Tony's kit for about a year and a half. Did it with the engine in the car and left the airbox stock. I still have the original heater hose setup and fan. Unless you're very familiar with a CIS car, you'd never notice its been converted to EFI. The car is a stock 82SC that's my daily driver. I've probably put around 30,000 miles on the car since the conversion. I have had no problems since the conversion. Before the conversion I averaged about 22 mpg, after the conversion the mileage has gone up to around 25 mpg. About 6 months ago I installed a wideband O2 sensor in place of the narrowband sensor that Tony supplies with the kit. The model I chose provides a realtime display of the current AFR and gives you a more complete picture of exactly where the AFR is when datalogging.

I'd recommend Tony's kit to anyone.
Tony's setup is top notch. Easy to setup with basic skills and way better then carbs. I started out with standard CIS and felt the need for speed. I upgraded to MSD ignition added GHL headers and a set of 40 _____ [Edit: Carb manufacture name removed] . Gas dropped to painful levels, but the throttle was better.

I followed the tbitz thread from the beginning very interested in a low cost programmable EFI solution. I work with some insane tuners. These guys go for baned from the drag strip due to ultra low time street cars. All said EFI was the way to go. So I purchased Tony's complete kit. I took one day to install, one day to recheck connections, start, tune and drive 100 miles.

The kit had everything required to complete the job. If you want to mod the air box like I did you'll need some extra not included tools.

Throttle response is better then CIS, compares to Webers and smooth. Gas mileage is way better then Weber's. Tuning is fairly easy, just drive and log then feed it to a program the corrects the map.

I drive it every day and am very happy with the result.
I'm running Tony's kit -- it's a very nice upgrade. There have been lots of threads in the past, and there is no shortage of information about it. I documented installing the kit on my engine in several threads that a search will reveal.

A couple of things that are worth mentioning: Throttle response is dramatically improved with the EFI setup. Several people who have driven my car have marvelled at how razor-sharp it is.

You’ll be glad to hear that I spent the better part of the summer thrashing the hell out of my car on the track, and your fuel injection kit performed wonderfully.
The race car we did last summer is working great. I was able to tune out a lot of the HP/torque issues that those damn ___ [EDIT: Carb manufacture name removed]  were giving us.
I could not be happier with the system. It looks awesome and pulls right through the R's. The 3.2 intake was allot of extra work but it is clean."  

[EDIT: Mike used a Carrera intake for his conversion. Check the gallery]
Thanks Tony,Your kit is top notch. The attention to detail is very good. I'm just beginning to appreciate the little things, like the electrical tape, the grommets, etc. Also, even though I have perfectly good fuel rails on my 3.2 manifold, I'm going to use the ones from your kit. The quality is just so much higher. I'll send pix for the gallery, when
complete. This will rock.
Tony's kit was very complete down to the little things like electrical tape and grommets. The directions are clear with a lot of great pictures and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Take a look at them before you buy and you'll see. I decided to cut the airbox apart for the cleaner look and it gives me so much more room in the engine compartment now. I can actually see and reach everything in there! When I was installing it I made the mistake of tying into the distributor's vacuum hose so when I started it I could only get about 1200 rpm. I emailed Tony and he figured it out right away. I then used a connection on the throttle body below the butterfly separate from the distributor's vacuum hose. Started right up and revved great and very smooth. The response is so much better than the CIS and I won't have all the problems associated with that complicated system ever again.

I did the installation with the engine in the car and it was a breeze. Plenty of room to reach everything. Tony was there to answer any questions I had. I'd highly recommend this product and seller!