Owner: James
Car: Porsche 911T
Year: 1972
Engine: 2.4L
Cams: ?
Exhaust: ?

James has a UK 1972 911T with a carburated 2.4L that he convert EFI. Since this was not a CIS car to begin with, it required extra steps. He fitted a high pressure fuel pump, a Bosch unit similar to a 044, used in mk2 Golf GTIs which was mounted to the front cross member (by the steering rack) with a large jubilee clip, with a glass inline filter before it to protect it from 36-year-old shit that occasionally comes out of the tank. For the relay, he passed the wire through the smuggler's box and found a good location to tap it into the fuse board. He runs a 10A blade fuse in a separate holder. Special adaptor plates where CNC machine by a friend in order to fit a CIS intake from a later year.
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