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Partial CIS to EFI Kit

  • Partial CIS to EFI Kit
An affordable solution to convert the Porsche 911 from CIS to EFI.

The BitzRacing CIS to EFI kit includes everything that is required to fully convert to Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) from the existing Bosch CIS system, except for the EFI injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR).

The BitzRacing CIS to EFI kit uses the MegaSquirt ECU for fuel management customized for the BitzRacing EFI kit. This little ECU has thousands of users and is flexible and user friendly. It has been used in all sorts of conversions from drag cars to land speed record vehicles.

Free Tuning software is Windows/Mac based and is fully customizable. You can select placement of gauges, have gauges change colours when thresholds are reached, and set ghost needles to indicate peak values.

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Partial CIS to EFI Kit


Partial CIS to EFI Kit


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