Injector bung for CIS conversions
The following EFI bungs are specifically designed to allow Bosch/Rochester type EFI injectors to fit in intake
manifolds using BOSCH CIS (Continuous Injection System) type injectors. They are specifically designed for
the Porsche intake runners, but will fit other intake manifolds using the same BOSCH CIS injectors. These
bungs allow you to use your existing CIS intake manifolds when converting to EFI. Look below for details.
The following EFI injector bungs are CNC machined from
aluminum. They use a high temperature Viton O-ring to make a
perfect seal with the CIS intake runner.
Here is what a stock CIS injector looks
like mounted on the intake runner.
Intake runner shown is from a 1978
Porsche 911:
Here is the intake runner
with the CIS injector
Here is the intake runner
with the CIS bung removed:
Here is a picture of the CIS injector
(left) (Bosch #0 437 502 004), the
CIS bung (middle), and the new EFI
bung (right). Bosch makes many
different CIS injectors that have
different numbers, but still are
compatible with these bungs. Look
below for dimensions.
Here is the intake ready for the
installation of the EFI bung.
Here is the EFI injector
bung installed in the
intake runner.
Here is the intake runner
with a Bosch EFI injector
Here is the intake runner
with a Rochester injector
Here are some
dimensions of
the parts:
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