Below are some pictures custom CIS to EFI conversions
Oscar's 1976 911S with BAE turbo with custom airbox
Mike's 1979 911SC with Carrera intake
Ben's 1981 911SC with custom airbox
Mike's highly modified 1983 911
James UK 1972 911T 2.4L
Below are pictures of CIS to EFI
conversions with the "Clean Look"
Tony's 1978 911SC
Ted's 1975 911S
Ralph's 1982 911SC
Micheal's 1981 911SC
Noah's 1977 Carrera 3.0L
Paul's 1976 911S
Dave's 1974 Sportomatic
Chris 1981 911SC
Below are pictures of CIS to EFI
conversion with the "CIS Look"
Mike's 1981 911SC
Mac's 1983
William's 1976 Euro Carrera
Wondering what EFI sounds like and how crisp the throttle response is?
Click on the link below for a video. The display is the tuning window of the
MegaTune software. The file is 3.8Meg and is in AVI format.
EFI throttle response
Here is a video of Paul's 2.7L CIS to EFI conversion at the 2008 SCCA
Dixie Tour Sunday Course.