Owner: MIke
Car: Porsche 911SC
Year: 1981
Engine: 3.0L
Cams: Stock

Mike has kept the CIS look of the engine bay. Very clean
and tidy I must say. One shoot is with the stock air box
cover and the other is with an after market cover. Here is
what Mike had to say about the kit:

The CIS Nightmare Is Over!!! The car starts, as it should!! I’
m running EFI on my 1981 911 SC, and now I know what a
911 should feel like!!! This was a complete satisfaction no
regrets kit from BITZ Racing!
If you want the best CIS to EFI conversion kit then this is the
one to buy, the installation was a breeze, the tech support
was unsurpassed, the installation guide was marvelous!!!
I installed the kit during the weekend, I kept the original
Porsche CIS look in the engine compartment, and it was a
very easy install without any glitches. The throttle response
is exhilarating, the power is very pronounced, no comparison
to the CIS sluggish response. The engine actual starts
without any issues, hot or cold, as it should! I’ve been driving
it straight for a week and it runs great!!! I will not hesitate to
recommend this kit to anyone, ABSOLUTLY NO

Mike G. Mooresville, NC
1981 911 SC Running EFI