Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

-Does the system use a Mass Flow or MAP sensor?
The system uses a Manifold Pressure (MAP) sensor to
determine fuel requirements. This type of system is known as
"speed density".

-Will the CIS to EFI conversion kit work with the 930 Turbo?
No it won't. The problem is that the CIS injectors on the 930
intake manifold are angled slightly and thus the fuel rails from
the CIS to EFI kit will not fit as they are designed for the
injectors to fit at 90 degrees.

-Can I run 964 CAMS with the system?
Yes you can, and a number of people have done so. With EFI
you have all the flexibility to fine tune for your specific cams.

-Can I run higher compression?
Yes you can and a number of people have done so. With EFI
you have all the flexibility to fine tune for your specific
compression ratio.

-Can the system handle an after market turbo like the BAE?
Yes it can. The system uses a MAP sensor, so it knows when
boost is kicking in and you can modify the fuel table
appropriately for boost enrichement. Look at the Gallery for
pictures of a custom 2.7L turbo with the kit.

-What engines is the kit designed for?
The kit was originally built around a 1978 3.0SC engine,
however the kit fits all the 2.7L and 3.0L engines and comes
with a base map for both the 2.7L and 3.0L.

-Will the kit work for a 2.4L engine?
The problem with the 2.4L engine is that the CIS injectors are
mounted directly into the intake head. The CIS to EFI bungs
which are key to the conversion will not fit in the heads. They
are designed to fit in the intake manifold. One fellow is trying to
do the conversion on a 2.4L by making an adapter plate to fit
between the 2.4L heads and use a later year intake manifold
that has the injectors on the intake runners. Have a look
here to
see if your intake is the correct type.

-Does the kit support ignition control?
Right now the kit only supports fuel management. Ignition is still
controlled via the distributor. However I have experimented with
ignition control on my 911 with a custom machined trigger wheel
and may offer this in the future.

-Can I use a Carrera intake manifold with the kit?
Yes you can, but you will also need all the fuel rails, plumbing,
fittings, throttle body, etc that go with the Carrera intake. A
couple of people have gone this way. Have a look at the Gallery.

-Do you sell MSII with the kit?
No. MS1 V3 works great and there really is no need for MSII.
-Can I use my after market ignition system with the kit?
Yes you can. My suggestion is to make one change at a time
though. Install the EFI, and then the ignition system or

-Is the system batch or sequential injection?
It is a dual bank batch fired system.